At a very early age, Irma de Jong became fascinated by the connection between mind and body in terms of physical and emotional wellness. She believes that we must treat both simultaneously for complete health.


‘In 2006, I was officially approved by the IBA as a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (CBP), which means I have successfully passed the formal training and examinations of the IBA. BodyTalk continues to evolve, which means constant study and learning the latest developments and techniques. In 2011, I completed the complementary course PaRama Unit 1 in which the BodyTalk principles are applied on a deeper and more effective cellular level.’ 

‘Sometimes the innate wisdom of the body will focus on physical healing — and sometimes on mental and emotional healing. BodyTalk helps the body reveal the best path to long-lasting health.’

Natuurgeneeskundig Therapeut
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