After I moved to Portugal, I had two bicycle accidents that led me to fall and it was my right knee that got the impact. I was glad to get a chance for a remote BodyTalk session with Irma. During my session, I remember feeling a tingling sensation around my knee. After one day, the swelling on my knee was reduced by 85% Wow! That was really amazing! For the next few days, the pain gradually tapered-off. After one week the swelling was completely gone.
- Penelope Reyes


Thanks for all those other sessions, and the one in this morning! I have been feeling so great:
- the nerve on my back has been relaxed and happy
- I am mentally happy and calm although there is still a small pain in the lower back. This small pain is really nothing comparing to my first fall. In terms of scale, that was 100% in physical and mental pain, now is 99.9% pain free. Thanks greatly!
I am so glad to have met you in all levels: as a BT practitioner, mentor and friend! Thanks again and again! with love and gratitude,
- Ellen, Toronto, Canada


BodyTalk helped me tremendously. With Irma’s help I was able to diminish my body’s reaction to triggers, work through panic attacks instead of being incapacitated by them, and instilled courage and confidence where once I’d been filled with fear and insecurity. I was and am so very grateful.
- Krista, Australia * For full article read Krista's blog


I met Irma around seven months ago through very good friends of mine who also benefit from the therapy she provides. Irma is very talented and gifted person and a great professionalist. She is able to help you through the most stubborn health problem that you may face in your life. I am grateful to have the chance to meet and work with her. It never stops to amaze how bloody good she is in what she does.
I really enjoy my sessions and look forward to each single one of them. She offers guidance and wisdom to help me get through the issues I face and so far she helped me a great deal. I have and will continue recommending her work as it is truly amazing what she can do.
- Denitsa, Amsterdam


From the moment we met Irma we knew she was SPECIAL. The level of loving care that she puts into her patients is so obvious when she works on me and my family. We have had the pleasure of Irma working on us for almost a year now. She has made a HUGE IMPACT on us physically, mentally, and spiritually & we do not even need to visit her as she is so talented that she can work on us remotely. To maintain the best of health just visit Irma as often as your body tells her that you need a BodyTalk session. She is the BEST!
- Anonymous


I've been friends with Irma for over 20 years, so I've benefitted from both her Reiki and BodyTalk skills on many occasions. In February 2012, my mother was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer and I immediately turned to Irma for healing support for myself and my mother, who also knows and loves Irma. My mom had never been seriously ill or had surgery, so we didn't know how her body would react. Mom has high-blood pressure and is quite sensitive to medications. Plus, she had to travel long distances for treatment and was very nervous about all the doctor visits, tests, surgery and followup that we were about to undertake. Irma worked on both of us week after week for six months as we went through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. We are in the U.S., so Irma did this long distance. My mother marveled, as did the nursing staff, that her blood pressure was perfectly normal through the entire process. We did have two big scares — once when it looked like the cancer had spread (it did not) and when she had a rare reaction to the chemotherapy that almost put her in the hospital. But again and again, Mom recovered faster than the doctors expected. They couldn't believe she didn't get tired or suffer pain with the radiation. Her oncologist called her "one tough old broad." I believe that BodyTalk helped my mom emotionally, as well as physically, because initially she was angry and depressed, but then became an inspiration to everyone with her positive attitude. Of course, I can't say with absolute certainty what BodyTalk did or didn't do, but I can say that I absolutely wouldn't want to go through a health crisis without Irma supporting me with her BodyTalk treatments.
- Lou Kinard, Charlotte, N.C.


I recently saw Irma for a very bad case of jet lag. I wanted to enjoy my time in Europe as quickly as possible but my body said no! Within 30 minutes of her session, I was up, alert, and ready for my two-week tour de Europa! I had a blast! Thanks again Irma.
- Emily

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