The client or practitioner touches or focuses on the area of the body which needs treatment or balance. The practitioner taps on the head of the client to stimulate the brain and repair the innate communication. Then the practitioner taps on the sternum to store the changes, so the balance will last after the session. The frequency and amount of sessions are unique to each individual.

Research with biofeedback has shown this ancient Hatha Yoga technique increases brain function in relation to the specific body part.

Why BodyTalk?

BodyTalk can help with allergies, eczema, chronic pain, and is also effective with emotional and psychological problems like fear, burn-out, phobia, stress and chronic fatigue.

BodyTalk can improve posture and coordination, strengthen the immune system and optimize the digestion and metabolism. Brain functions can be balanced to stimulate clarity of thinking. BodyTalk can assist with learning disabilities, dyslexia or other cognitive disturbances.

BodyTalk has great results for almost any area of health, and it is absolutely safe for all ages. There are no known contra-indications.

BodyTalk can be used with other forms of therapy and treatments — no diagnose will be made and no medication will be prescribed.

Clients usually enjoy receiving a session, and the beneficial results for the body and mind are often quickly apparent. Of course there are situations when a specific specialist or medical treatments are necessary.

Clinical results show that improving the communication systems of the body can harmonize the body and mind, so that healing can take place on all levels.

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